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Created in 1997 by Richard DOUIEB delegate by Imi LICHTENFELD, the European Federation of Krav Maga (FEKM) accounts today more than 16.000 licensees in 11 different countries (figures of 2014-2015). Which makes the FEKM the first federation in numbers of licensees, figures to support!

We will be happy to welcome you to our club of Krav Maga FEKM for this season in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Our club is part of the FLAM (Luxembourg Federation of Martial Arts) recognized as a public utility by the ministerial decree of 20.11.1978 by the Ministerial Department of Sports.

All our instructors have been trained within the FEKM and follow regularly technical and pedagogical training courses in order to maintain their knowledge to level.

We have the pleasure of having, as technical director of our club, one of the European most highly graded in the discipline, Yannick Federkeil, direct pupil of Richard Douïeb that he officially represents for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Cf. letter of official delegation of the FEKM).

We wish you a good visit of this site and we thank you for your interest in our discipline.

The Krav Maga Luxembourg team.