Interior rules

Article 1

To be allowed to train, the adherent has to be up to date with all the administrative formalities, there included the payment of the fees for subscription.

Article 2

The payment of fees are neither refundable nor transferable whatever the motive, even in case of exclusion of the adherent by the Director of the Committee.

Article 3

The premises, its surroundings, the furniture and equipment made available by the association or belonging to them are to be respected. Any degradation can justify the immediate exclusion of the offending party.

Article 4

The association will not be responsible for the disappearance of personal objects. The adherent will assume full responsibility for his/her belongings.

Article 5

The member accepts to respect the moral code of the F.E.K.M.-R.D.

Article 6

The instructor can exclude any person from the class, if they disrespect the interior rules or cause disturbances to the proper run of the course (examples: noise, delay, dangerousness for oneself or others etc.)

Article 7

A member may be excluded by the Director of the Committee of the association at any time, if he/she does not respect these regulations or if his/her behavior causes any discomfort for the other adherents.