Krav Maga

What is it?

Krav Maga means in Hebrew “Close Combat”. It has two parts:

The self-defense, which makes out the main structure. It comprises varied techniques aimed to enable those who are initiated in the technique to defend themselves against an attack, to prevent themselves from injury and to coming to end of an assailant. This part contains defenses against a wide variety of armed or non-armed attacks and in the different basic positions: standing, sitting, lying down…

The melee combat, which constitutes a more advanced phase of the Krav Maga; it teaches the way to neutralize quickly and effectively an opponent. It contains elements of some features of literally speaking real combats: the tactics, the feints, the combination of different attacks and the psychological dimension of combat… and many exercises to strengthen the spirit and to develop a capacity to manage violent confrontations in a state of stress.

Krav Maga is not another school of martial arts, based on conventional approaches. It is primarily a modern method characterized by a mode of coherent and logical thinking which allows natural, practical and easy techniques that are based on quite simple moves of the body.

The concern of realism of this discipline therefore doesn´t allow any rules nor limits or any sports competitions.

Krav Maga has emerged in an environment where violence, particularly of ideological or political nature, was common place. This has allowed us to test, to study and to improve this discipline which has thus proved that it constitutes an ideal method of self-defense face to serious dangers.

The search for efficiency

In Krav Maga, we think that simplicity is crucial to maintain a maximum chance of survival against a physical aggression. The simple movements are short and consequently not too exhausting. There are two good reasons for the simple movements: it allows you to keep a maximum of physical freshness during a fight, and a simple movement is short and therefore, the distance being less long, the movement is automatically faster.

Despite the absence of limitations in Krav Maga, we will of course have safety rules so that the apprentices can reach a high level without any danger, but we will make sure that no movement or attack will be foreign to us.

With us, there is no concern for aesthetics, what counts is effectiveness. Our concern is to avoid any learning by cheating, for the benefit of an effective teaching whereof the learnt could be put to use in case of absolute necessity.

We will endeavor in the prime time to stay alive and if it is necessary, we will kill in order not to be killed ourselves. In a second time, we will attempt to be sufficiently effective and master of ourselves in order not to have to kill or cause irreparable harm to anyone. From there, we enter the field of the art.